Minoval Hair Growing Treatment For Women 2 oz

Product Description
$ 7.96

Our Minoval Hair Regrowth Treatment solution is perfect for women looking to stop the effects of thinning hair, while simultaneously stimulating new hair.

Our topical formula makes it specially designed for women to assist in preventing hair loss and prolonging the regrowth period of the hair. Minoval Hair Regrowth Treatment is clinically proven to help repair damages to the scalp, while revitalizing hair follicles that haven shrunken over time.

Directions: Use Minoval Hair Regrowth Treatment for Women on dry hair twice daily over the course of four weeks, or as needed. Simply part hair and apply the solution in 1ml drops directly to the scalp in the area where you’re experiencing loss/thinning. Massage evenly across the affected area in a circular motion. Do not rinse. Wash hands with warm water and soap immediately after application. Style as needed. This package contains one 30-day supply.