55H+ Performance Action Strong Treatment Body Lotion 16.8 oz

Product Description
$ 25.96

55H+ Performance action Strong Treatment Body Lotion is a moisturizing and scented lightening body lotion.

Its new formula makes it revolutionary Performance. 55H+ performance action is a body milk made from whitening extracts of plants. It is very appropriate for black and dark complexioned skins which are especially predisposed to spots. This is a very complex new generation formula that has been made and improved by highly qualified chemists. It has also been tested and approved by a dermatological laboratory that guarantees its quality.

Effects: It fades any unpleasant and persistent spot and helps to even out your skin tone. It also softens and moisturizes your skin while perfumes it. Recommended for the treatment of grooves.

Directions: Apply 55H+ Performance Action Strong Treatment Body Lotion evenly on your body once or twice a day.