Express Glow Triple Illuminating Glycerin 16.8 oz

Product Description
$ 39.97

With Grape Seed Oil & Asafetida Extract

Express Glow Illuminating Glycerin is formulated with Grape Seed Oil, an antioxidant rich ingredient known for the ability to moisturize and even tone the skin, and Asafetida Extract, a natural plant extract native to India clinically proven to fight against all types of skin pigmentation, such as: acne, age spots, scars, stretch marks and sun patches.

Result: Regular use will result to reduce skin pigmentation and generate a glowing youthful appearance.

Directions: Apply Express Glow Illuminating Glycerin once or twice a day on skin previously cleansed with Express Glow Exfoliating Soap, to enhance results use with with Express Glow Beauty Milk, Cream, Gel and Serum.

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