55H+ Efficacite Extreme Exfoliating Purifying Lightening Soap 7 oz

Product Description
$ 10.99

Enriched with apricot extract. 55H+ Created using new technology.

For all kind types skin. 

55H+ lightening exfoliating soap contains apricot to fight skin dark spots and blemishes. Its rubbing Bar Soaps action removes the dead cells while deeply cleansing the skin. This soap lightens your skin leaving it smooth, even and radiant.

Contain small non-irritating exfoliating particles made from apricot stones. Its exfoliating action eliminates dead cells, cleaning and fully purifying the skin, allowing in to renew itself.

Result: This soap lightens your skin, leaving it perfumed, smooth and radiant.

Directions: Cleanse your face and body with this soap before applying any treatment.