Organics by Africa's Best Tea Tree Shine Strengthening Hair Polisher 6 oz.

Product Description
$ 4.49

Organic conditioning laminating mist.
Natural strengtheners revive dry hair & help eliminate frizz. Alcohol Free

Apply Organics TEA-TREE SHINE Strengthening Hair Polish as a finishing step to any hairstyle. Excellent for all hair types and styles including Natural, Pressed, Relaxed, Texturized or Color- treated hair.

Directions:  Hold bottle approximately six inches away from head and lightly mist all areas of hair. Do not over-spray, as only small amounts are required to produce a beautiful sheen. Organics TEA-TREE SHINE may be applied to wet hair before using a blow dryer or hooded dryer. Re-apply at first signs of dry, dull hair. Repeat as often as needed.

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