ORS Fertilizing Temple Balm 2 oz

Product Description
$ 9.28
For Relaxed, Blow-Dried or Pressed Hair A petroleum-free, lightweight gel formula that is ideal for relaxed, blow-dried or pressed hair.
Gel based balm blended with over 12 herbal extracts to revive thinning hair in all affected areas especially around the temples and top of the head.
This herbal scalp formula delivers essential oils to enhance the scalp condition for healthier looking relaxed, blow dried or pressed hair.
Daily use of this fertilizing treatment will help to stimulate circulation and impart herbal nutrients to the scalp to help restore thinning hair.


Directions: After completion of a patch test, (as directed on the package), apply a small amount of Fertilizing Temple Balm™ only in the affected area(s) of the scalp. Do not use in nape area. Gently massage with fingers to insure full penetration. Use twice a day. Results usually take 8 to 12 weeks. Do not use 7 days before or 7 days after a chemical service. Wash hands after each application.

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