Neutrogena Ageless Restoratives Total Skin Renewal Starter Kit

Product Description
$ 19.98

Total Skin Renewal Applicator. 12 Renewal puffs DIA - one-month supply. Attachment head. 1-AA battery. Neutrogena ageless restoratives is innovative skincare that proves do-overs do exist, bringing your skins youthful look back to life by helping to undo the look of past damage. Total skin renewal single-use, pre-dosed renewal puffs with gentle purifiers help reveal fresh new surface cells for more even-textured and radiant skin after just 3 uses. Massaging micro-vibrations boost circulation and increase oxygenation for more radiant, younger-looking skin.

Directions: Attach renewal puff to attachment head on the total skin renewal applicator, with yellow side facing up. Press with thumb to securely attach puff and wet thoroughly. Massage 1 to 2 minutes per facial area. Rinse and discard the puff. Keep attachment head. Use 3 times per week in place of your facial scrub. Read the enclosed instruction pamphlet before use.

Warnings: Do not immerse applicator in water or place under running water. For external use only. Avoid the eye area. Not for use in conjunction with other physical or chemical exfoliating agents. Do not use on broken or abraded skin or if you have rosacea or pustular acne. Discontinue use if irritation or rash occurs. Keep out of reach of children. Use only as directed. This product contains mushroom extract.

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