H20 Creme Ultra Performante 300 g

Product Description
$ 7.99 $ 8.99

Fast Action The lightening cream H20 JOURS brings a brilliant staunch smooth and satiny without irritation nor attack it. Its high acidic fruits and vitamins content brings an uniformity to your skin and gives it a brighten appearance. This cream permits to your skin to find very quickly again a gleaming staunch of a visible purity. Use daily the range ensures you a perfect and logical result.

Ingredients: Hydroquinone 2% AHA Cethyl Alcool Huile de Vaseline Capsicum Naturel Vitamine E Ceteareth 20 Aqua Propyl Glycol EDTA Sodium Sulfite Trisodium Acide Stearic Isopropyl Palmitate Proylparaben Conservaterus Fragrance.

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