GUM Go Betweens Proxabrush Handle with Refills

Product Description
$ 1.98

Coated-Wire Protection. Nylon coating will not scratch implants or cause galvanic shock. Four Convenient Sizes. Tight, Moderate, Wide and Ultra-Wide sizes to meet all tooth space needs. Ideal for Cleaning Between: Braces, bridges, crowns, implants, orthodontics and hard-to-reach spaces. Patented Antibacterial Bristle Protection. Antibacterial coating inhibits bacteria growth on brushes between uses.* Handle sold with one handle and three refills. Recommended by dental professionals.

Directions: Easy to load: 1. Press release button to unlock latch, 2. Insert brush into raised hole. Position wire in guide slot, 3. Close latch with a ‘click’. Easy to Use: 1. Use gentle in and out motions to remove plaque and food particles, 2. Never force brush into tight spaces. Do not bend or twist wire during use, 3. Rinse brush and handle after each use, 3. Rinse brush and handle after each use.