Folicure Treatment for Fine or Thinning Hair 12 Ampoules

Product Description
$ 18.99

Extra Strength Professional Formula For thin, fine hair
For brittle, weak hair The Folicure System promotes clean, healthy-looking hair with scientific formulas specially developed for fine or thinning hair. Contains the essential Vitamins and Biotin Panthenol thickens thin, fine hair Strengthens brittle, weak hair Folicure's dual action formula creates a cleansing activity which neutralizes the accumulation of sebum and thickens each hair shaft. It cleanses and stimulates the scalp to promote healthy hair growth. Folicure Formula contains a unique blend of ingredients, including the exclusive Swiss Conditioner Panthenol, the essential vitamin Biotin and Folisaccharide (Hydrolyzed Mucopolysaccharides), a natural compound found on the scalp. It's part of a comprehensive plan for fuller, thicker-looking hair.

Use one vial every other day for 40 days or until hair and scalp are restored to satisfactory condition. Later, to maintain fuller, thicker looking hair, reduce frequency of use to twice a week. Shampoo hair with a mild pH balanced shampoo.
Part hair into one inch section.
Shake well and open one vial.
Apply Folicure Formula along the partings. Iit is not necessary to work Folicure through hair, one vial should be adequate.
Massage gently for complete distribution along scalp. Do Not Rinse Out.
Dry with low or medium heat and style as usual. Wait untill next day to shampoo again.

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