Dr. Organics Pure Castile Soap With Peppermint 16 oz.

Product Description
$ 5.39

Pure Castile Soap has been valued for generations for its purity, natural cleansing and a variety of uses. Our soaps are made exclusively from all natural essential oils with an invigorating scent and do not contain any harsh detergents that strip away skin’s natural moisture.

Originating from Castile, Spain, our soaps are vegetable based and do not contain any animal fats. How it works: Dr. Organics™ Pure Castile Liquid Soap incorporates the natural properties of essential oils with an invigorating scent. The all natural oils in our soap attracts moisture and holds that moisture close to the skin.

It is wonderful as a Body Wash, Shampoo, Baby Bath, Hand Soap, Shaving Soap, Cloth Diaper Soap and general household cleaner.