Dr. Bronner's 18-in-1 Hemp Almond Pure-Castile Soap 16 oz.

Product Description
$ 7.99

100% Vegan. Health is our greatest wealth. No Detergents Not Animal Tested Dilute: Enjoy 1 soap for 18 different uses! Guaranteed pure potassium castile soap & 100% vegetarian: Super mild castile has outstanding water softening & cleansing powers. Preferable to harsh soap & defatting synthetics. It does not cut dirt, but dissolves it. It is the mildest, most pleasant soap you ever used or your money back! Made in USA Vegan

Water, Saponified Coconut, Hemp and Olive Oils (with retained Glycerin), Olive Fatty Acids, Bitter Almond (Prunus Amygdalus Amara) Fragrance, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Extract

Read entire package for full information. For everyday bodywashing: Get wet and pour soap full-strength onto hands-washcloth-loofah. Lather up, scrub down, rinse off, and tingle fresh & clean!

Keep Out of the Eyes! Wash Out With Water! Don't Drink Soap! Dilute! Dilute! or Wet Skin Well! O.K.!