Deity America Camellia Silk Serum Shine 3.52 oz.

Product Description
$ 11.79

The Camellia Flower – The Camellia Flower, its petals, its seeds, its roots and miracles of the Calyx are the most respected flower in many parts of Asia. The Flower and its properties have been honored as the National flower in the ancient southern kingdom, Dai Li. The Camellia Flower the miracle Calyx have been used in many ways for many special reasons. Grown only in the land of steep hills and roaring rapids, This special AcceleRare formula has been developed. It’s for real !! Functions and Effects – This great specifically formulated product was made to penetrate your hairs cuticle structure.

This product Camellia Silk Serum Shine will nourish all hair types, stops breakage, prevents split ends and makes all hair textures Silky and Super Smooth. Its AcceleRare formula with its Natural formulation is made for Anti – Static, Natural flexibility and a super gloss healthy easy comb through look. Use on Wet or Dry Hair. For Best results use with other Deity America natural hair care products.

Camellia Japonica seed oil, Contains super soft AcceleRare factor, Vitamin B5, Essence of pure plant seed extracts, Double protein Serum seed boost with AcceleRare formula amino acids and nourishing elements.

For best results take the appropriate aount depending on the results you desire, put in the palm of your hand then rub throughout your hair gently and thoroughly. Camellia Silk Serum Shine will work on wet or dry hair. It makes all hair types and styles silky smooth and healthy looking. This AcceleRare formula will give hair volume and texture for easy styling without making it sticky. Results may vary by individuals. Warnings:
Not to be taken orally and avoid direct contact with eyes. If this should happen immediately wash with clear water. Please keep out of reach of Children.

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